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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 22, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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known weekly newspaper also served as an online brothel. the metro newspaper has a link on its own website for adult escort services and critics are demanding the newspaper remove it. the metro says the criticism is the result of ruffled furthers over its reporting of local politics. david trujillo joins us now. the paper says they're being unfairly targeted. are they breaking any laws with the website link? >> reporter: doesn't seem to at this point, raj. the metro has been doing some good and extensive investigative reporting on local politicians and candidates. the editor and ceo tells me that's the reason these accusations are coming out. but critics say this is about advertisement that exploits women and children. lo logon to the metro website and you'll find a section for adult escort services. some images are too graphic to broadcast. some call it online pimping.
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>> there are pictures, graphic pictures of women who are exposing their private parts and things of that nature and making very obvious what they will and what they won't do. >> reporter: he is speaking as a private citizen today, but at work he's a prosecutor of sex and child exploitation cases. he says some of the people on the site, which is run by a national group called back page, are children. >> it is obviously prostitution. >> reporter: the moat etro did want to do an interview saying the charge is by the labor faction. the editor tells me this is a phony story and a shameless attempt to divert attempt from their investigations. >> it seems odd the timing of this announcement. >> reporter: what are you asking me? i'm not sure what you're asking. i don't know what you're talking about. >> reporter: a metro reporter also confronted gillingham to y today. >> when you have advertisements in there where you have people
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that look like they're 17 years old -- >> reporter: winnie is a long time community activist who joined gillingham. >> only because it is a political ploy. that's an easy out for you. it is not a political ploy. it is about human beings who are really damaged. >> reporter: gillingham concedes the metro isn't breaking any laws, and is protected by the first amendment. bui but he questions the paper's moral leadership. >> the fact it is legal doesn't make it right. that's the point. >> reporter: the metro said it has a contractual requirement to keep the site up. >> gillingham tells me he will start an online petition to demand that metro take down that link from its website. metro tells me they will consider that once a contract expires with the advertiser. live in san jose, damian trujillo. calfire rushed in with helicopter drops to keep a grass fire from spreading to homes in south san jose today. heavy smoke there enveloped the area and the neighborhood,
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prompting residents to prepare to evacuate. in all, seven acres burned near senter road and capital expressway close to the athletic fields and a few feet from dozens of houses. >> all of a sudden, the wind would pick up and flames were everywhere and started spreading so the wind factor was, like, really messing with it. >> i was worried. i dropped my keys and called my husband, ready to grab the kids and be out of the house. it is bad. >> san jose fire department has a close relationship with calfire for knocking down the fire so quickly. no buildings damaged no one hurt. they're trying to figure out what sparked it. well, digging out from the devastation in oklahoma. tonight a massive cleanup effort is under way in the tornado-ravaged city of moore. residents now sharing their to rebuild. thousands of homes were destroyed along with schools5ad hospitals. more ed moore medical center wan
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the path of the twister. one emergency room director can't believe that people it made it out alive. jod jodi hernandez is in moore for us tonight the. there is story after story of people stepping up and being so brave in that city. >> reporter: jessica, there really is. and the er doctor who was on duty at this hospital when that tornado, that massive tornado came down on the hospital causing this massive destruction is one of those brave individuals who jumped in to action. first to get her patients inside the safety. and then taking care of the injured outside. >> i can't believe it. i can't believe it. i know, again, i know it is nothing but jesus saving us, that protected us from getting out of that place, because when i see that, i don't know how anybody walked out. >> reporter: dr. stephanie barnhart was the emergency room doctor on duty at the moore medical center on monday when it took a direct hit from a
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category 5 tornado. she rushed her patients to the center of the building, where they rode it out. >> we all just got on the floor, braced for cover and we heard it coming, we heard the loud roar that was coming. it was -- everything was shaking. we heard -- felt pressure. pressure in your ears, popping. and it is just indescribable. >> reporter: amazingly, nobody inside the hospital was hurt. but whenwteuju barnhart ran outside, she quickly realized others weren't so lucky. she immediately set up a triage center in a grassy area outside. and began caring for injured neighbors. >> our main goal for this area was to bandage wounds that need to be bandaged, splints and doza quick assessment of their injuries. >> i found a tax return. >> oh, good, good, good. >> reporter: that spirit of wanting to help is on full display all over moore. volunteers are doing all they can to help their friends and
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neighbors pick up the pieces. as cleanup crews get to work doing the heavy lifting. >> we're going to get through this together. that's what we have to do. we're oklahomans. that's the oklahoma spirit. we depend on each other. and we have been through the through tornadoes, we clean up, rebuild, and move forward. that's -- that's our resiliency and it is the oklahoma spirit. >> reporter: and we're back here live at the medical center. it is hard to believe, as that doctor said, that nobody was injured here. now the surprisingly enough, the doctor says that the clinic that she brought her patients to and her staff to that was located in this center of the hospital suffered no damage, except for a sealing tile. quite, quite amazing. i'll tell you, a lot of work has been done out here today, bulldozers spent the day out here, picking up the twisted metal and they focused on these
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smashed up cars. cars were strewn all about. they focused on getting those cars all lined up, but there is an awful lot of work to be done, a long road to recovery still ahead. reporting live in moore, oklahoma, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> they'll need a lot of strength. thank you very much, jodi. more details on what you can do to help. a peninsula company with ties to oklahoma is selling desserts for disaster relief. sprinkles cupcakes has a new item on its menu, red cross, red velvet cupcakes. all proceeds go to the american red cross. the co-founder of sprinkles is a native oklahoman and still has family there. our coverage continues about this story at 6:30 with another live report from nbc bay area's jodi hernandez and the new damage estimates. also, new cell phone video from when the tornado touched down. that's coming up at 6:30. a northern california man is dead tonight after a freak
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accident on a bay area freeway today. chp officers say a metal pipe went through a car's windshield and then killed the driver of that car. it happened about 8:00 this morning, westbound, 580, west of grant line road and livermore. officers say the victim, a 33-year-old from rocklin, slammed his car into the center divide after being struck by that pipe. he died right there. investigators say if they can find a vehicle that the pipe fell off of, its driver could face charges. tonight, deputies are looking for a suspicious man spotted near pg&e substation in south san jose early this morning. this is the same substation that was vandalized last month. morning, a pg&ee substation that security guard spotted a suspicious man all dressed in black. they say when he was spotted, he ran toward monterey highway. the sheriff's office says they're concerned because the man did not appear to be a transient and this is happening in the middle of the night. they want to know if he's connected at all in any way to the incident last month when someone broke in and shot at
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electrical equipment before cutting critical fiber-optic cables. now comes the really hard part. you can't pull off a super bowl without some super planning. one day after the big announcement that the bay area will host the game in 2016, the planning is well under way. nbc bay area's marianne favro joins us. the bad news, the traffic in the middle of winter. what is the plan? >> reporter: well, you can't beat the money, but, yes, there will be some things we'll have to put up with in the spirit of super bowl l. this stadium was built to handle more than 68,000 people. but come game day for super bowl l, there will be 75,000 spectators because extra seating is going to be brought in here. and that's just the beginning of preparations. in 2016, the nfl experience will be right in our own backyard. you can attend the special event here in san francisco.
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>> the m oscone nfl experience will be one of the things that the entire community can participate in. but one of the things we're going to sit down and start planning and brainstorming in the coming weeks and months are a whole range of events that can incorporate the community, that can incorporate young people. >> reporter: even better, some of them will be free. soon a newly formed super bowl host committee which will also include a paid staff will be busy working on the logistics of having most pregame events here in san francisco where a majority of visitors are expected to stay and the big game, 44 miles south at the new levi stadium in santa clara. transportation is critical. and there is even talk of creating a super bowl lane, similar to one used during the 1984-ec olympics to ease congestion. talks are in the works with mass transit agencies. in santa clara, the department is buzzing with efforts to develop near the stadium before game day.
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>> joe montana is planning hotels, restaurants, you know, sports bars, right across the street from the stadium. we hope that will be online at the time. >> reporter: what must be completed before super bowl l is this $1.2 billion stadium, and all the infrastructure to handle the traffic and crowds and security. and santa clara city leaders say don't worry, there will be plenty of pregame events in the south bay too. the convention center is already prebooked for nfl parties. and there are also plans to build a brand-new shopping center across the street here from the stadium where the golf course now stands. i spoke with one city counsel member who says it is possible that we could see phase one of that new project open by game day. reporting live in santa clara, marianne favro. thank you. a surprise checkpoint at a local airport, but it had nothing to do with drunk drivers.
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i'm vicky nguyen. growing fraud in the bay area. people who pose their pets as service animals so they can take their furry friends everywhere. who it hurts and what is being done to stop the fakers. a pit bull attack leaves a police dog injured and six people under arrest. we'll have the new details. and good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff guardier. winds have increased. a live look at san jose and trees blowing around a bit. we'll let you know when the wind moves on out coming up in a few minutes.
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injuries received in the line of duty have temporarily officer for the livermore police department. he seems fine, but he was injured today after he and his human partner responded to a
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report of shots fired from a backyard. when police arrived, and approached, a pit bull ran out and attacked bugsy, latch on to his neck. the officer couldn't pull the dog off, so he fired his gun, killing the pit bull. bugsy's thick coat protected him, but still he's off the street for a few days. recovering from puncture wounds to his neck and hip. six people were arrested on drugs and weapons charges. you could call this a pet peeve. dogs in public places wherever their owners go including restaurants. >> california law is very clear, only service animals are really allowed in food facilities. as vicky nguyen found out, some people are faking disabilities just to give their pets an all access pass? >> it does seem extreme but some people learned if they say their dog is a service animal, they get a free pass. we went undercover and found it happens more than you might think. often at the expense of the disabled. people love their dogs in the bay area.
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so much so they go pretty much everywhere. but there are some places our pets just can't go. state law says only service animals are allowed in food facilities. that means anywhere food is sold or served. still, some people smuggle their pets into places they shouldn't be. after all, what's the harm? >> it makes it more difficult than it needs to be. >> reporter: alex wegman writes a blog about life with a service dog. >> all right. >> reporter: wright was trained with canine companions to help alex get around, pick things up and live her life. wright is not trained to deal with people who pose their pets as service animals. >> our dogs are submissive. if there is another dog set on being aggressive and confrontational, that puts my dog at risk. she's not going to fight back. >> reporter: alex says she's seen owners outfit their dogs to pass them off as service animals. it is easy to )'do. plenty of websites will sell i.d. cards and official looking
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vests to anyone. >> you don't see people faking life threatening illnesses for make-a-wish foundation. you don't do that. you don't take advantage of the perks of someone else's disadvantage that way. >> i'd like to say -- >> reporter: he's not the only one taking advantage. we went undercover in san francisco. and found people claimed to be confused by the law. >> who really knows? i've just kind of over -- >> reporter: while others explained how to get around it . >> reporter: business owners can ask two questions when someone with an animal walks in. is this a service animal and what is it trained to do? cheaters know there is no proof required. and at the for the mason farmer's market, we observed multiple pet owners slipping past the signs. >> i thought only service dogs were allowed to be public access because they're actually physically helping you with something at the time. >> i don't know really where the
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bounds are. >> i usually don't listen to any kind of rules or regulations. too many sheep in our society. >> good girl. >> reporter: it is that attitude that is frustrating to people with real service dogs. not to mention some pets might prefer to stay home. >> we already had a couple of biting incidents over the years. >> i think a lot of people have special relationships with their dogs. >> reporter: san francisco food safety director richard lee says allergies and the potential for disease are the reasons state law restricts pets from food facilities. san francisco had 61 complaints. san mateo was second with 44. santa clara, third, with 37. lee says after inspectors gave businesses these signs to post, complaints fell. >> two years ago, we saw 44 complaints. the last year we saw 17 complaints. >> reporter: unlike people who used disabled parking placards, people with service animals are not required to register anywhere under federal law. >> the american disabilities act
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is unfortunately very liberal in this regard. >> reporter: canine companion ceo cory hudson says his group and others are now lobbying the department of justice to crack down on service dog fraud. >> there needs to be some standard and somebody neutral who is knowledgeable about the situation judges whether that's a legitimate assistance dog. >> good girl. >> reporter: alex says she and wright already face enough discrimination. without help from people who cheat the law. >> people think it is the only person that impacts is them. and it is just an inconvenience to them that they can't have their puppy everywhere with them. but it goes deeper than that. >> adding to the difficulty, people who call their pets therapy dogs, comfort dogs and emotional distress dogs. under the ada, none of those is considered a service animal, which means they're not allowed in food facilities in this state. we have gotten a lot of feedback from viewers on this story. to join the conversation, go to and click on investigation.
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vicky nguyen, nbc bay area news. our tip line is very active. if you want to share something with vicky nguyen or anyone else in our investigative unit, give us a call at 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to >> let's check with jeff ranieri. windy still. >> very excellent observation. windy here in the east bay. the south bay, and also in the north bay. really no matter where you went today, those winds were gusty here across the bay area. some top wind gusts at our immediate coastline, point rae s at 43. up there. as we head to the next 24 to 48 hours, the winds gradually start to come off. we'll have more on that in a second. also the temperatures, the other huge thing today. i don't know if you saw our reporter earlier in the show, her hair was blowing around, she also had on a heavier jack etd with conditi
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with conditions in the 60s. 63 in fremont. felt more like late winter than late spring throughout today. here is another way to look at it, we started off the day with record-setting highs, 96 in south san jose. 66 for today. also in napa, we went from 91 to 72. all this cool air is sparked off by the upper level pressure. we're completely dry at this point. let's get you outside. blue skies here in san jose. not too bad. off to the north, what you'll also notice is we are seeing some haze develop across the peninsula. a lot of the pollen is getting kicked around, a little dirt and smoke from the south bay where we did have a fire earlier today. and in emeryville that camera is shaken around by the wind, 15 to 30 miles per hour. let's get you into the wind cast for tonight. very gusty at the immediate coastline. the areas of red and orange are popping up. but by tomorrow morning, winds generally 15 to 25 miles per hour.
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so going down a little bit more, but we still may have some airport delays and also some elevated fire concern. throughout thursday, it stays cool, plenty of sunshine through the day. temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s from the bay to the interior valleys. more coming up on the seven-day forecast. and when we may actually get some rare may rain. >> jeff, that holiday weekend is right around the corner. >> oh, yeah. just ahead, a speech she never thought he would make. a lengthy battle for a student and his inspirational moment. another first for google glass. but not one anyone would want to be a part of. and what more drivers were now doing when it comes to their cell phones. we're back in two minutes. for our families...
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our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created... a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more.. low and no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know... exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks... with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories... america's beverage companies are delivering.
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concertgoers and giants fans in san francisco could end up coughing up a little extra money to help muni. scott wiener wants the city to study the possibility of adding $1 to $3 ticket surcharge to
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events like giants games or outland festival. he says the charge could raise up to $22 million to buy new street cars or maintain the ones they have. it got mixed reviews at the giants game today at at&t park as you might expect. >> the system is going downhill in terms of quality. and a dollar, just one dollar for extra for a ticket, i would pay it. >> i think it is ridiculous. muni gets plenty of money from the city as it is. and, like i saw on the news when they were doing the city budget, how much overtime was paid to employees. >> the money could be critical since the city is going to need to beef up public transportation system. a surprise checkpoint not for drunk drivers, but for limo drivers. 14 citations were issued today at sfo. this inspection comes two and a half weeks after a limo caught fire on the san mateo bridge, killing five women. even though this inspection was being planned well before that
6:26 pm
deadly fire, officials say it was on their minds as they were doing the inspections. >> looking for scofflaws. and scofflaws are cars that don't follow the rules of the road, cars that don't follow permits, cars that aren't registered. secondly, we're looking at the tr drivers, making sure they're qualified to drive a car. >> in addition to 14 citations issued this morning, officers issued a few misdemeanor license violations and several warnings. these inspections are done at least twice a year. a tiny bit safer. fewer california drivers were using cell phones to make calls while on the road. a new survey found even the number of drivers using hands free devices was down. but the biggest drop was for people holding cell phones to the ears while driving. texting, though, still on the rise. they watched more than 6,000 drivers. not the most scientific method,
6:27 pm
they say, but ificalifornia continues to be a model in distracted driving education. >> we see it every day. twitter based in san francisco is stepping up security. we'll have the new changes. stunning new information about one of the boston bombers, why investigators say they think he's killed before. a major revelation from attorney general eric holder. the connection to deadly drone strikes and americans. we'll take you back live to oklahoma as jodi hernandez uncovers more amazing stories of survival. plus, new cell phone video taken at the moment of impact. we're back in two. medications? i don't know. last immunization shots? really? honey, what's my blood pressure medicine called? one time i took something and i blew up like a puffer fish. i'm probably allergic to that. at kaiser permanente, your medical information is available to you and your doctors. quickly. securely. no guesswork required. better information. better care.
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kaiserpermanente. thrive.
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turning your attention back to oklahoma. the devastation there still difficult for many to fathom. officials now say as many as 13,000 homes were damaged or destroyed during monday's tornado. 24 people killed, oklahoma medical examiner's office says it has positively identified all of the victims, which include ten children, two of them just infants. the other eight ranged in ages from 4 to 9. president obama is planning to visit the area on sunday to meet with survivors and first responders. they faced a long road to recovery. but instead of focusing on what the tornado did to their neighborhood, the people of moore are focusing on what they need to do now. jodi hernandez continues our coverage from the small town. and just give us a sense of what it is like there. i know it is almost night fall. are the streets open? are people helping each other
6:31 pm
right now? >> reporter: the streets are open. much of the day, the streets were closed up, off, because there were so many utility crews out here. they actually closed this street for some time so that those crews could lay power lines, put up new power poles. the level of destruction out here is just so overwhelming. but folks here are tackling it and they are tackling it with a lot of determination. the massive cleanup is now under way in moore, oklahoma. two days after a category 5 tornado touched down there, creating widespread destruction, volunteers and city crews are rolling up their sleeves and getting to work. >> right now i think the focus is just on recovering what we can and then they'll come and they'll -- they will come and this will be wiped clean and they'll rebuild. they will rebuild. >> reporter: families are being told to stay away from homes as crews work to restore power to
6:32 pm
the hard hit area. but we found folks who managed to sneak in anyway, to salvage what little they could. >> i understand they want us to be safe. it is just what do we do? everything we ever had. >> reporter: the residents sifting through the rubble all have incredible survival stories. this man survived by holding on for dear life inside a closet. this woman and her family huddled in the bathtub. and robert guidry's storm shelter saved the lives of he, his wife and two neighbors. they all suffered big losses, yet are grateful. >> this is where i grew up. this is my childhood home. so life is more important to me. >> reporter: now, we are back here live, where you can see the police are out here, there are a number of trucks out here. it is hard to tell, but these crews really made a lot of progress. there was a lot of activity, certainly a lot more than we saw
6:33 pm
yesterday. people say they are determined to rebuild. many folks have spent their entire lives out here. their parents grew up out here and they say they are determined to rebuild and stay in moore, oklahoma. reporting live, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> difficult for the families asked to stay away from their homes. jodi hernandez live from oklahoma. this man grabbed the cell phone and rode out the storm in a motorcycle store where he worked. video is incredible. you see the debris swirling outside, more than 200-mile-per-hour winds. according to the store's website, it is closed until further notice due to the damage it suffered. we invite you to stay here for our continuing coverage. you can visit our website, for the latest updates on the victims and the damage as well as the list of the deadliest tornadoes in u.s.
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history. that's on the eve of a major address by president obama on national security, drone strikes have killed four americans overseas. the men were killed in yemen and pakistan in the past few years. one of them is believed to be the mastermind behind the idea to blow up a passenger jet in 2009. revelation came today in a letter from eric holder to congressional leaders. a terrorist attack, that's what british authorities are calling the barbaric killing of a soldier in broad daylight. police say two men butchered the soldier on a busy london street. one of the suspects actually asked people nearby to shoot video of him, his hands bloody as he carried a large cleaver and confessed to the crime. both suspects are said to be armed with multiple knives when they were shot and injured by police today. authorities say it appears the men were motivated by radical islamic beliefs. new details on the boston bombing investigation. one of the suspected apparently
6:35 pm
killed before. authorities tell nbcwkk news t tamerlan tsarnaev, the older brother, may have been behind an unsolved triple homicide in massachusetts in september of 2011 on the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks. fbi agents have been interviewing tsarnaev's friend for weeks in orlando, florida. they said he had been very cooperative until today. he became angry after implicating himself and tsarnaev in that triple homicide and tried to attack one of the agents. that's when the agents then shot and killed him. they don't believe that todashev was involved in last month's boston bombings. today on capitol hill, the irs official who revealed the agency's targeting of some political groups invoked her fifth amendment right to decline any answers that lawmakers -- any answers to lawmake areas questi questions. >> i have not done anything wrong. i have not broken any laws.
6:36 pm
i have not violated any irs rules or regulations. >> she waved her right to fifth amendment privilege by issuing an opening statement. she ought to stand here and answer our questions. >> former irs commissioner douglas schulman appointed by president bush withstood blistering criticism for testifying last year that the irs was not targeting certain groups. he resigned in november. >> now when it comes to government scandals, americans have witnessed their fair share. one particular event always seems to rise above the rest. in fact, it is so notorious that every scandal since usually comes with a word gate attached to it. we're talking about watergate. reality check. >> it has been a pretty rough couple of weeks for the obama administration. and the irs scandal has now taken top billing. political scientists and government experts we have spoken to say it is hyperbole bordering on ludicrous to
6:37 pm
compare the irs scandal to watergate. but from a legacy standpoint, they say the events could live on for a long time as the administration has breached the basic trust between citizen and government. marlon brando's iconic role in "the godfather," more than just produced one of the greatest achievements in film history. it spawned the saying,e(y÷ the godfather of. >> i shall resign the presidency effective at noon tomorrow. >> reporter: to describe something of unparalleled character. and so former president richard nixon's watergate scandal is often known as the godfather of all political scandal. >> do you solemnly swear -- >> reporter: until irs gate of 2013 according to some political pundits. >> this irs thing is something i've never seen in my lifetime. it is a revenue gathering arm of the u.s. government, going after political -- >> richard nixon specifically
6:38 pm
directed people to investigate, to audit people. it is not first we have seen it in our lifetime. >> this is so broad. >> reporter: separating the stink from the sincere about where irs targeting of tea party groups ranks in our country's inglorious history of political scandal is tricky. no pun intended. >> certain institutions that kind of are the bedrock of just, you know, we trust these institutions to be above politics. >> reporter: jack is the director of berkeley's institute of governmental studies who says the irs scandal could be historically significant, since it erodes basic trust in a8ñ traditionally a-political government service of very dangerous precedence. >> you want to have a set of institutions and a partisan world that are in some sense functioning in a neutral, fair way. >> reporter: still, he calls it
6:39 pm
hyperbole to compare watergate to the recent irs scandal since president nixon was directly linked to all manner of federal crime and tampering with free elections. president obama hasn't been directly linked to anything so far. >> my question is who is going to jail over this? >> reporter: the top republican leaders have expressed their dismay and increditlity but are reserving judgment before titling the scandal, quote, another watergate. >> we need to have a very fact-based response to this. and i think instead of passing judgment first, we need to figure out how far this extends who knew what and when did they know it. >> there say lost information potentially at play here and the timeline of who knew what and when keeps shifting. in the president is implicated directly, that would, of course, change everything. but as of right now, the claim is false. make no mistake, the effect of the irs scandal may be permanent as the professor observes, it is very, very bad news for the
6:40 pm
president personally and for trust in government in general. that's today's reality check. back to you. >> sam, thank you. a speech of a lifetime. >> i was crying hysterically, but just jumping up with joy. >> the local student whose inspirational story will be front and center in the south bay tomorrow. plus, the google glasses making headlines for the wrong reasons. and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the weather send is tere. clear skies now in san jose. that will leave us cold temperatures in the low 40s. we get a look, we'll have details on when that forecast warms up coming up in a few minutes.
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twitter is taking an extra step to prevent hacking and log-ins.xd san francisco-based twitter will text you a code every time you log in. you'll have to provide your user name, password and code to access your count. called a two-step verification and twitter is late to the party. microsoft, google and facebook as you already know have this option. because of the recent hacks, twitter is now getting on board. but the big difference here, you'll have to use that extra code every time you logon. new technology is exciting and exclusive and some people find out expensive when you lose it. one of the first owners of the google glass deveice is the firt person to lose it. it costs $1500. the news was broke on twitter. he says next time he will lock his glasses in a zipper pocket. good idea. we'll be back with more in a moment. sofa... desk...
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tomorrow, a san jose state student will accept a diploma that took more to earn than study sessions. it took almost a meriracle. >> i need a liver transplant to survive. >> reporter: craig garrett spent four years fighting to stay positive as he awaited a life saving live transplant he needed because of a disease. his eyes and skin were a deep yellow and he dropped more than 50 pounds. one year ago today, he got a new liver and everything changed. >> to get a second lease on life, it is just -- it feels
6:47 pm
amazing. >> reporter: since his transplant, he's been making up for lost time. he finished his degree magna cum laude, he asked his girlfriend to marry him and tomorrow he'll do something he never thought he would do. >> i'm speaking at the graduation, giving the commencement speech for our department, so i'm very excited. >> reporter: he said he will speak about his experience of hope and optimism and the gift of organ donation. he said he fit in a lot of living in the last 12 months but hopes to have time to do more. >> people kelling me why are you doing so much so soon? and i'm just -- i want to keep living. i'm not -- i'm not done. and i just -- i'm making sure that i enjoy everything while i'm still here because i know that things happen. >> reporter: kirk says there is th arteries in his new liver and he'll need another transplant in the next few years. but for now, he says, he'll enjoy graduation, love and job hunting, simple things he can't
6:48 pm
afford to take for granted. kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> he looks so much healthier. so good to see him look like that. that's terrific. >> let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, talking about the wind outside as the holiday weekend approaches. >> things will start to improve as we get into the three-day weekend. gusty at the coastline. gusting in the low 30s, 21-mile-per-hour sustained winds in san jose helping elevate the fire danger today. if you suffer from allergies, the pollen is getting whipped around in the atmosphere. pretty much everything at this point is in a moderate category. looks to stay that way over the next 48 hours. unfortunately with more wind coming our way as we head throughout our thursday forecast. a little cloud cover at coastline as we head throughout tomorrow morning and 5:00 a.m., also by the bay, by the afternoon, plenty of widespread sunshine. it is going to be another cool one with temperatures for the most part staying in the 60s. outside at live hd sky camera network. in san francisco right now, the
6:49 pm
sunsets, beautiful picture here in downtown. and then we also have a look here across parts of the peninsula and it is pretty hazy at this point here throughout palo alto with a lot of the air getting stirred up. as we head throughout tomorrow morning, we'll find a windy at the immediate coastline. on this map, the widespread colors locate your city, and then corresponds with the wind gusts down here at the bottom of the screen. tomorrow morning, winds anywhere from 10 to 20 miles per hour. as we head throughout the day, ramps up a little bit. winds not as strong as it was today or as strong as it was the day before that. thursday, winds generally be anywhere from 15 to 30 miles per hour. it is also going to be cold here as we start off for the morning hours. temperatures in low to mid-40s in the north bay. may have isolated 30s year yonkville. 48 expected in san jose and 42 in los gatos. a jacket to start. you may need a light jacket to finish on thursday. numbers only in the upper 60s in
6:50 pm
san jose. 68 for your high. 68 in los gatos. 68 in palo alto. for the east bay, plenty of upper 60s. castro valley, when that wind blows right back into the east bay, it is going to feel even a little bit cooler for you back here on thursday. 63 in san francisco. and also expecting 68 in san rafael. on your three-day forecast, stays dry through saturday. temperatures start to warm up by this weekend into the mid and also upper 70s. and then we are forecasting a slight chance of showers by wednesday of next week. not major, but anything in may is a big deal when it comes to rainfall. we're continuing to monitor that. otherwise, great barbecue weather this sunday and monday. >> that's what we'll be doing. >> i know. got to organize the bash cute coup. >> get ready. >> we'll all be here. >> all right. we have new details that we want to pass along in the wake of the death of the americas cup sailor. we got our hands on the new safety recommendations for this summer's races. there are 37 recommendations.
6:51 pm
among them, a lower top speed wind, top wind speed, meaning racing will not take place if wind speed is more than 23 knots. also enhanced safety equipment for the sailers, crew locater devices, and hand frees free brg devices. let's head into the comcast sports net news room. dave feldman will talk some football. >> we start off with a little bit of troubling news out of santa clara. the 49ers leading receiver last year, michael crab tremendoutre undergone surgery to repair a torn acl. the timetable for his return is roughly six months. the injury occurred on day one of the 49ers organized team activities yesterday. the 25-year-old is coming off his best nfl season. 85 passes, 1,105 yards and nine touchdowns, all career highs.
6:52 pm
>> good news is he's, you know, he woke up from the surgery and first thing he asked, doc, how it went. so talked about the success of the surgery and didn't anticipate he would be out for the year and he -- he's commented that he's got no choice but to be back. so, you know, every day is a healing day. and that starts today. >> kind of say a little prayer to yourself and hope that it wasn't as bad as it may have looked or what not. and unfortunately it is. at the same time, you know, it is opportunity for someone else to step up and, you know, fill the shoes. >> to baseball now, jose canseco under investigation in las vegas after a woman filed a report accusing the former major league baseball star of sexual assault. wednesday, the 48-year-old canseco was named as a suspect in the investigation. no charges have been filed. and no arrests have been made.
6:53 pm
the former oakland athletics slugger hit 462 career home runs during his career. his former team going for the first sweep in texas since 2009. jared parker on the hill. it was tough for parker. dave murphy gets the pitch right down the middle. two-run home run to right. two batters late, adrian beltre, beltre home on the grassy knoll. rangers score all their runs in the first. and they twin 3-1. san francisco looking for the sweep and their sixth straight home win. angel pagan scores. we're tied. top ten, men on first and second. the nates win 2-1 and they avoid the sweep. coming up tonight at 11:00, we'll have more on the development of michael crabtree post surgery. back to you.
6:54 pm
>> that achilles injury is devastating for him, thank you. >> we'll be right back.
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
tonight we investigate a prominent san francisco real estate broker and millions of dollars in missing money. >> chief investigative reporter tony cove lesky joins us now. >> reporter: they're chasing their money and accountability. the story takes us to one of san francisco's historic neighborhoods. investors filed more than 20 lawsuits asking former business partner where's the money?
6:57 pm
>> it is unbelievable that someone can just steal all my money and who do i turn to? no one does anything. it is ridiculous. >> i've never seen a broker with so many violations over so many investment properties with so many different investors. it seems like a pattern. >> this is serious. >> it is about as serious as it gets yes. >> they're all talking about a prominent san francisco real estate broker. tonight at 11:00, inside the investment and follow a trail of us fr frustration to sacramento. see you at 11:00. >> see you then, thank you, tony. if you want to reach tony kovaleski, give us a call at 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to >> that does it for us. hope to see you at 11:00.
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>> now on "extra" -- > brad disses jen. then why pitt took a new jab at their failed marriage. jen, courteney and matthew's eunion on "ellen." >> now trending, bon jovi versus bieber. >> wait until you hear what he called the biebs. >> blake shelton's prayer for oklahoma. >> it still hurts and still home. >> "extra" with blake moments after his emotional "voice" tribute to his tornado-ravaged ome state. >> jodi arias' outrageous marathon media tour. >> why didn't you apologize? >> the question that made her snap. >> i didn't know you were a hater. >> and the new "dancing" champ, kellie pickler.